Just For Good Collection

Just For Good Collection

What is a Drip?

A Drip is a pure version of us. You and I. Each of the 5,757 unique Drips are on a mission to make the world a better place. With each Drip minted you bring clean and accessible water to some of the 771 million people in the world that go without on a daily basis. Together we will build a community where everyone can make a difference and be part of something larger than ourselves. Let’s #dewgood together.

Charity Water

Map of Promise

The Bluelist is Drip's version of the commonly used WL. Drip is breaking our Bluelist into two different categories.
The Spring - These members are our OG supporters. If you hold this role you will be eligible for; 50% off Mint Price, Special Drops, and more
The Fountain - These members will receive special pricing on mint price, and more

Drip for Good is a collection 5,757 Uniquely hand drawn characters. Each on a mission to provide clean and accessible water to those in need. With hundreds of unique traits, each Drip is truly unique.

40% of Mint Sales Revenue will benefit charity:water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of the proceeds given to charity: water will directly fund clean water solutions.

We will be allocating 10% of Mint Sales to our Water Canteen. The Water Canteen is a community wallet where holders can vote on how to spend the community funds. This can be investing in other NFT collections, IRL community events, and more.

The Giving Hand is a community safety net. 10% of Mint Sales will be allocated to this wallet. The Giving Hand provides small grants to community members for those that are dealing with financial burdens. These grants are voted on by holders and there is no expectation for the grants to be repaid. We are here to uplift and empower the community.

Drip will occasionally do special drops to lucky holders of his friends. Drip's Drops will continue on throughout the entirety of the project, not just within the first year. We are here for life. Certain drops will be exclusive to Spring and Fountain roles.

Drip for Good is all about the community and we will be partnering with members to host local community meetups and volunteer events. This project is bigger than ourselves and we strive to do everything Just for Good.

Drip for Good will be partnering with local companies to create sustainable and ethical merchandise. Stickers, soap, apparel, and more. All profits of merchandise will go towards charity and funding Drip for Good and future projects.The Founding Team will not profit off merchandise sales

As a holder, you have the power to vote on the direction of Drip for Good.


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We have decided that to have the largest visibility and impact we will be on the Ethereum blockchain using the optimized and gas efficient ERC-721a token. We will be buying back carbon to offset our mint.

Water is the foundation of life, yet there are 771M people worldwide without access to clean water. The average woman and child walks up to 4 hours a day to collect up to 4 gallons of dirty water a day. We can do better. With access to clean water, kids have time to go to school and learn. Mothers have time to care for their families. Economies can grow.

Why charity:water? Founder Scott Harrison set out to start a radical non-profit where 100% of contributions funds water projects. With a perfect rating on Financial Accountability & Transparency, charity:water is a non-profit you can trust and has set the example in this space. More information can be found at

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